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How to avoid leakage of closed cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-05-25
How to avoid leakage of closed cooling tower

  In the assembly of the closed cooling tower, the middle of the aluminized zinc plate is filled with glue to do a good job of pressing and sealing. Long time operation, suffer from the impact of spray water, basin shape change, sealant drop, etc. are caused by the joint leakage phenomenon. Because the spray water will gather at the bottom of the reservoir, the leakage phenomenon will need to use non-stop supply spray water.tg2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  When walking the pipe, it will connect a flange and elbow. When doing a good job of connection, it will add a sealing ring in the middle of the two connecting heads. The pipe leaks. Because of the long time of use, it may also be the environment caused by the high acidity and alkalinity of the water body, and the water body has done a good job of corrosion of the material of the collecting tank. The wall thickness of the box body is uneven, and the water leakage phenomenon will be shown in the relatively thin wall thickness.tg2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Before preparing the machine and equipment for moving, the machine and equipment should be dismantled first. Regarding the machine and equipment with a long service life, the direction of each interface may have corrosion and other conditions, so it is necessary to be cautious and careful to prevent damage from being shown. At the time of removal of closed cooling tower equipment, show different degree of damage is no problem, but to prevent this kind of damage caused by the late after reshipment can't no problem running, in the encounter difficult to dismantle the direction of the need to rely on personnel and tools ready to remove, hasty compulsory removal always cause machine equipment accessories show serious damage, still can't again together.tg2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Through the operation in the closed cooling tower and the exchange of heat through the contact with the air fluid, the backwater into the cooling tower passes through the pressure swirl nozzle equipment assembled on the tower and above the air duct. The result is a rapid vertical and downward running spray droplet, which achieves the goal of adding surface area to the droplet. In the droplet flow, the droplet will still encounter the elevated airflow, thus slowing down the reduction efficiency of water particles and improving the heat transfer time. The heat of the fluid is transferred mainly to the inner wall of the copper tube, and then from the inner wall to the outer wall of the copper tube, and then to the spray film. Why should regular cleaning, closed cooling tower after a period of operation, there are calcium, magnesium ions and acid carbonate in the water. Carbonates form as they pass over heat transfer metal surfaces. The dissolved oxygen in the cooling water will cause metal corrosion, form rust, block the pipeline, and reduce the heat transfer efficiency and failure of the cooling tower. It is even needed to spray cooling water outside the shell;tg2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Deposited dirt such as scale will consume power, thus increasing the operation cost. In addition, it will also cause corrosion under the scale of the inner wall of the control, reducing the service life of the control. The water circulation cooling system of closed cooling tower is easy to enter dust and dirt. Cooling water circulating in the circulation system, will produce a large number of microorganisms and accumulation, so that the cooling efficiency is seriously reduced, affecting the operation of no problem; Impurities in the circulating water cause packing blockage, which affects the function of machinery and equipment in the system.tg2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The cooling function of closed cooling tower is related to the safety of machinery and equipment. Keep the cooling channel clean, can improve the function of the machine and equipment, improve the service life of the machine and equipment, and save the power, to ensure the safe work of the system. When the cooling tower equipment is completed, the dirt and dirt in the pipeline, water collector, packing surface and collecting reservoir should be carefully cleaned to prevent blockage.tg2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Before the use of closed cooling tower, it is necessary to carry out trial operation first. Check whether the fan and tower body are stable, whether the water distributor runs well, whether the water distribution of the sprinkler head is uniform, whether the moisture-proof mode of the motor is strict, etc. When using, it should be checked regularly to check the working condition of the fan, including current, voltage, fan vibration, noise, gear oil level, oil leakage or belt transmission is loose, there is no skid, water distribution is not a problem, etc..tg2Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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