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Method for reducing the blockage of cooling tower filler

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-14
Method for reducing the blockage of cooling tower filler
1. The cooling tower is generally placed outdoors, and the surrounding working environment is not good. The dust, sand, dead leaves and other dirt in the ambient air will also be sucked into the cooling tower by the cooling tower fan. As time increases, dust will also block the cooling tower packing.DGLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
2. As the cooling tower circulating water generally uses drinking water or groundwater resources, the water hardness is relatively large, the mineral content is relatively high, and the temperature of the cooling tower water will be above room temperature, so the circulating water is accompanied by the cooling tower filler pattern Calcification points gradually appear in adults over the years, and finally the blockage of the filler affects the conventional use of the cooling tower.
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3. The method to deal with stuffing blockage is very simple. First, use softened water treatment as the primary circulating water of the cooling tower. If the standard does not allow, customers who use river water or drinking water should always add descaling agents and algaecides. ; Experiments prove that the actual effect of environmental protection and energy saving by using descaling agent and algaecide cooling tower is more obvious, especially when applied to large, medium and small cooling towers, the heat exchange efficiency of the cooling tower can be increased by more than 10%, and the actual effect of environmental protection and energy saving Above 6%, the service life of the cooling tower structure and cooling tower packing has increased by more than 30%.DGLCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
4. Avoid the cooling tower operating at ultra-low temperature and reduce the number of start and stop times of the cooling tower. Reduce the operation of the cooling tower in the ultra-low temperature conditions in winter to avoid damage to the cooling tower filler due to freezing; the FRP cooling tower can reduce the number of start and stop times as much as possible, because the cooling tower filler is a consumable part, and the cooling tower is started for a long time. Stop, the filler is wet and dry, so it is easier to increase the natural embrittlement of the filler, the best actual effect is that the filler is always in the condition of water, so the life of the cooling tower filler will be greatly increased.

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