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Is there a third-party inspection report for the cooling tower packing you choose

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-15
Is there a third-party inspection report for the cooling tower packing you choose
Cooling tower heat dissipation filler, referred to as PVC film, after a certain period of operation time, the filler will age and break, the performance of dispersing water will decrease, and it is easy to cause channeling. The cooling effect is reduced; in addition, especially during the circulation of the cooling water, it is inevitable to produce mud, rust, slag, microorganisms and other debris, which will also accumulate and block the filler intermittently, and the cooling effect of the cooling tower will be significantly reduced. the process of. It is the core component of cooling tower heat dissipation, and its material selection and production process will also affect its service life. The increasingly fierce competition in the market has also produced unimaginable low-cost heat dissipation fillers, but I am sure that it is a three-no product. Put the market test. Today, the editor will tell you the third-party inspection report of the cooling tower packing.

Introduction of air conditioning renovation materials:

KIuCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Packing is the most important part of the cooling tower. Its efficiency depends on the degree of full contact between the cooling water and air in the packing. The company’s fillers are temperature-resistant -20℃~50℃, anti-aging, excellent performance, anti-ultraviolet, and long life. The advantages are as follows:KIuCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Cooling tower cooling filler(1) Good heat exchange performance and high cooling efficiency. The packing is a film type, and the protruding fine corrugations make the water contact surface larger. The filler is placed in layers, and there is a redistribution process of hot water between layers.KIuCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
(2) Fillers with good hydrophilicity and low ventilation resistance are more hydrophilic than smooth and flat fillers, with a water absorption rate of less than 0.015%, so that more water flows into a film without splashing, making water and air more Adequate contact at the same time makes the surface disturbed when water and air flow. After the packing is assembled, the air inlet surface is a honeycomb-shaped deflector, which has a good uniform air distribution effect, improves and stabilizes the heat exchange intensity of water and air, effectively reduces the loss of floating water, and effectively controls the loss of floating water. Within one hundred thousandths.KIuCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
(3) The core material of the cooling tower is made of high-quality PVC polyethylene sheet, which has the advantages of large heat dissipation area growth coefficient, good water flow distribution on the board surface, and large disturbances when water and air flow through the board surface. The filler is not easy to deform, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, and has good flame retardant performance and low wind resistance coefficient. It is easy to install, easy to clean, and easy to transport. The heat-dissipating filler has good flame retardant performance. After testing, the flame retardant oxygen index is 38.KIuCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
(4) The heat dissipation of the filler accounts for more than 85% of the entire temperature drop in the countercurrent tower. The heat dissipation process of the cooling tower is mainly carried out on the surface of the heat dissipation filler. The water film on the surface of the filler slowly flows down. The innermost water film is high enthalpy humid air with a humidity of 100%, and water molecules run from the high enthalpy area to the low enthalpy. In the fresh air entering the tower with a higher value, the enthalpy value of the air exiting the tower increases, and as the concentration of water molecules decreases, the water molecules in the circulating hot water evaporate continuously from liquid to gas, thereby taking away the latent heat of vapor. According to the above principles, the quality of the packing is the key to the cooling effect. Teling packing meets the requirements of the fourth generation of packing in the world: large disturbance/three-dimensional deformation/accurate positioning; small static pressure loss, small air flow resistance; water flow time Long; large contact area, large area growth coefficient; uniform water and air distribution (the air inlet has a honeycomb wind distribution device, so that the tower will not produce uneven wind distribution due to uneven sheet spacing, and uniform wind load Effective use of the heat dissipation filler area of ​​the tower; no deformation; no broken; good water quality; high strength; low noise; low water drift; long life; no moss grows, due to the three-dimensional characteristics of the honeycomb air inlet, most of the sun Can not be injected into the surface of the tower packing, so it is difficult to grow moss on the packing surface; the packing life.

Data reflected in the test report

The forming thickness of the sheet material is not less than 0.30mm, the sheet distance is not more than 18.3mm, the oxygen index is not less than 32%, and the tear strength is not less than 150Kn/m; the thickness of the sheet material of the water collector is not less than 0.28mm, and the oxygen index Non-flammable type not less than 32%, tear strength not less than 150Kn/m, etc. These data are obtained by professional third-party institutions with the help of professional instruments. SGS testing organizations and provincial fire inspection organizations that display such reports.KIuCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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