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What are the accessories for cooling tower maintenance and transformation

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-13
What are the accessories for cooling tower maintenance and transformation
It is said that it is a cooling tower upgrade, and it is also called a professional level. So next, let you know what parts of the cooling tower can be upgraded? What are the accessories for cooling tower upgrading and transformation, and what are their functions:

1. Upgrading of cooling tower packing

Packing is a key component of the cooling tower. It is also exposed to the wind and sun due to the long-term exposure to water and the addition of corrosive agents to the water during sewage treatment. After all, the packing is all made of plastic sheet, and it will be aged after four to five years. It is one of the most popular cooling tower maintenance and upgrading projects;

2. Upgrading of cooling tower power unit

The power plant mainly includes the cooling tower motor, cooling tower fan, and cooling tower reducer, which are the core parts of the cooling tower. They are very important. Because the power part is placed inside the tower and is damaged by cold and humid air for a long time, these power parts are all cast iron after all For the structure and aluminum alloy profile materials, the motor should not be burned for a long time in this type of regional environment, or the bearing of the reducer should be worn more seriously. Otherwise, the air oxidation of the fan is more severely cracked, which is also a key cooling tower maintenance and upgrading target.

3. Cooling tower chassis

Because it is the load of water, it is filled with water with pH value for many years, and the sewage treatment staff tramples in the tower every month. If things go on like this, the chassis will crack more seriously. Therefore, the chassis brush resin waterproof plugging thickening is also an upgrade project.

4. Another key to the maintenance and upgrading of cooling towers is to dismantle old towers and install new ones

The service life of the cooling tower is 12-15 years, and the service life exceeds the rear tower frame, mainly including the power unit, and the cooling tower heat dissipation filler has different conditions and aging. When there are many repairs, it indicates the service life of the tower. Has arrived. It's time to dismantle the old tower and install a new one; it mainly includes the basic re-fabrication of the cooling tower steel structure, the cooling tower pipeline is replaced again, and the cooling tower route is replaced again to exceed the cooling capacity required by the chiller. This is a major upgrade technology, involving multiple technical fields. It can only be achieved by a professional and qualified company.HOfCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Guangdong cooling tower maintenance and upgrading manufacturer, the core of trlon cooling tower energy-saving technology transformation technology is that the hydraulic turbine replaces the original cooling tower motor, reducer, drive shaft and other accessories, and converts the excess kinetic energy wasted in the system into mechanical energy, which directly drives the fan to rotate . For cooling towers that can be upgraded, 100% energy saving is achieved.

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