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Noise prevention and control measures for cooling towers

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-13
Noise prevention and control measures for cooling towers
After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country has increased its efforts in comprehensive management of environmental pollution. The coking industry, as a manufacturing industry with high energy consumption and industrial pollution, is highly concerned by my country and the people. The problem of environmental protection and energy conservation is becoming the core of the survival of coking companies. Many community owners are willing to invest heavily in noise control of cooling towers. This article specifically assists designers and community owners to select a scientific and reasonable noise reduction treatment plan from the source of cooling tower noise.AgpCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
AgpCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The cooling tower is a vital part of the water-cooled central air conditioning equipment. It is specifically used for heat exchange between cooling water and air to reduce the heat of the cooling water. Cooling towers are usually large in size and have key factors such as water floating and noise. The placement of cooling towers usually annoys designers and community owners. In many cases, locals fail to meet environmental protection standards, or meet the ideal results of the community owners, and require noise control on cooling towers.AgpCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The noise sources of the cooling tower are specifically as follows. The noise of the cooling tower inlet and outlet, the water spray noise of the filler, the noise of the exhaust fan reducer and the motor, the noise of the cooling tower circulating pump and the pneumatic valve.AgpCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Inlet and exhaust noise is the specific noise source of the cooling tower, and it is also possible to install additional silencer equipment (ventilation panels) outside the cooling tower. The resistance compound muffler is usually selected. The resistance compound muffler can also properly match the sound absorption and sound refraction. It can also solve the medium and high frequency noise, and can also solve the low and medium frequency noise. Silencing results.AgpCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Silencing blankets are usually used to reduce the noise of water spraying on fillers, which have a better absorption effect on water noise.AgpCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
When selecting the cooling tower, you can also choose a low-noise tower, and you can also choose to use belt speed reduction machinery and equipment, and use direct transmission pole slow-speed motors to reduce mechanical noise. Or use a two-speed motor, and with the decrease of the load, the exhaust fan turns to a slow speed, thereby reducing noise.AgpCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Vibration of machinery and equipment will cause noise, and vibration noise is often formed at the junction of machinery and equipment. Rubber joints can be used at the joints of the pipelines, and the pumps can be equipped with soft connections and other noise reduction measures such as vibration reduction and sound absorption. A spring shock absorber can be set at the junction of the whole tower and the foundation to reduce vibration.AgpCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
In the end, noise barriers can also be used, which are composed of columns, unit blocks, and other connecting parts. They are made of different materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, sprayed plastic board, PC board, etc., which play an auxiliary effect of noise reduction treatment around the cooling tower.

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