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Special requirements for closed cooling towers and the amount of water sprayed

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-03-25
Special requirements for closed cooling towers and the amount of water sprayed

  Due to the special requirements of the closed cooling tower itself, a special low-lift, large-flow high-efficiency water pump is used, which can maintain a small power consumption under the condition of ensuring sufficient water volume, which greatly improves the energy-saving effect of the equipment. The water pump motor is Outdoor design, the protection level meets certain requirements, and the water pump adopts mechanical seal, so it is very resistant to wear.KNxCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The lower point of the water pump of the closed cooling tower is equipped with a drain to facilitate the use of shutdown and drainage, and to prevent the volute from freezing and cracking due to water storage in winter. The cooling tower has the advantage of corrosion resistance. The closed cooling tower has fully considered the problem of rust prevention. , Galvanized steel is used for the steel frame, panel and other steel materials, and meets the requirements of low temperature use. Therefore, the cooling tower has good corrosion resistance and rust resistance. In order to improve the corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and various environmental conditions of the galvanized steel The tower body adopts thick galvanized steel material to maintain the bright original color of the galvanized steel material, making the appearance of the tower body more beautiful and practical.KNxCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  When the closed cooling tower is in operation, the fluid circulates in the heat source and the coil of the closed cooling tower. It passes through the spray pump and reaches the nozzle through the spray water pipe. The warm spray water forms a thin film on the surface of the packing. Better cooling effect, and at the same time the fan system is activated, so that a large amount of air outside the unit enters from the inlet grille in the opposite direction to the falling water, and the air and water are in direct contact on the surface of the filler. In this evaporation process, the spray water transfers heat to the air flowing through the unit in the form of latent heat exchange. The saturated air flow is transferred to the air through the ventilator to dissipate the heat. The rest of the spray water is cooled by the filler. The drenching coil, such a cycle, the counter-flow packing design is very suitable for winter operation, the packing part is completely surrounded by the box wall to avoid direct contact with the frozen air flow, thereby preventing the packing part from freezing and improving the possibility of winter operation.KNxCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The closed cooling tower is an energy-saving cooling equipment. Through the exchange of the secondary heat application with a large specific surface area, the temperature of the fluid medium at the outlet of the pipe is lower, and it can obtain good operating effects and relatively low cost to manufacture and maintain the closed cooling tower. It is more convenient, the cost of manufacturing and operation is further reduced, and the dirt on the surface of the coil is also significantly improved, which extends the maintenance cycle of the equipment. In the research, the closed cooling tower is taken as the research object. According to the theory of mass and heat exchange, the mass balance and energy coils are carried out through reasonable tests, and the type of packing and coils are set separately. The closed cooling tower coils Mathematical models of heat transfer and quality in the cross-section and packing area. At the same time, a closed cooling tower with encapsulation was designed, and an experimental closed cooling tower platform was established for structurally defined closed and non-full closed cooling towers.KNxCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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