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Common methods for noise reduction of cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-09-30
Common methods for noise reduction of cooling tower
Selecting a reasonable noise reduction treatment form can effectively control the noise phenomenon generated by the cooling tower machinery and equipment. The source of the noise and noise of the cooling tower has been understood before, so how to control the energy head can make the noise emission standard of the cooling tower meet the national regulations What about environmental noise emission regulations? Today trlon will introduce to you what are the common cooling tower noise control methods...

A. Low noise motor

Trlon pointed out that the closed cooling tower has special needs under the natural environment and is specially designed for customization. The fully enclosed self-cooling low noise closed cooling tower is specially designed for the motor. The motor has good waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics, low noise, and can meet the closed Cooling tower application loads have special requirements for electric motors. Easy to replace, disassemble, after-sales maintenance, long trouble-free running time, high efficiency, high safety protection level (IP55), high insulation resistance (F level), etc., can be used in closed cooling towers in hot and humid natural environmentrijCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Long-term continuous low-energy-consumption operation under components (under normal circumstances, the service life is not less than 20 years).

B. Silencing equipment at the air inlet of the cooling tower

Upgrading and upgrading the inlet and outlet silencers will also interfere with the function of the ventilation system. Therefore, in addition to the volume requirements of the silencer, the pressure of the ventilation system should be lower. Exhaust Silencer-Upgrading and upgrading the exhaust silencer apron, which is actually a silencing cavity. The exhaust vent first passes through the silencing louvers, and then into the ring-shaped silencing chamber, so that the sprinkler noise is very large when it diffuses through the exhaust port. Loss.rijCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Outlet muffler-generally adopts the form of resistive muffler, because the closed cooling tower is placed outdoors and has a lot of water floating on its own. In order to ensure the smooth silencing of the resistive muffler, it is necessary to customize the waterproof and moisture-proof muffler. At present, the exhaust pipes of closed cooling towers mostly use micro-perforated plate silencers. In order to reduce the pressure loss of the silencer, the style of the silencer often adopts the concentric cone type. The reduction of the cross-sectional area of ​​the gas inlet and outlet and the total width of the gas inlet and outlet will also increase the length of the silencer.

C. Reduction form of falling water noise

1. Increase packing size and improve packing placement form.rijCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
2. Hanging flakes between the filler and the water receiving pan (because its style is like small snowflakes, made of high-pressure polyethylene), it can reduce the drop of water, optimize the small raindrops and reduce the noise of sprinkling.rijCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
3. Place polyurethane porous structure foam on the receiving water, which is also a new type of environmental protection material specially designed for noise reduction treatment of closed cooling towers.rijCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
4. The softness of general foam plastics, and the porous structure of water seepage and water permeability, can reduce the impact noise of falling water.rijCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
5. The exhaust port is upgraded and renovated to parabolic-style radial sound baffle, the exhaust port is not affected, and the falling water noise is not so easy to spread immediately.

D.Ultra-quiet fan

The exhaust fan is customized for aluminum alloy profiles, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy profile leaves, the rim is formed by a metal mold, the leaves are connected with a stainless steel U-shaped code, the direction of the exhaust fan is adjusted steplessly, the surface is sprayed with anti-corrosion processing, and it has full pressure and air volume Big advantages. Moreover, it has good aerodynamic characteristics, high strength, and corrosion resistance, and can be used to change the leaf placement direction to achieve process requirements and improve the high efficiency of machinery and equipment. The big advantage of this exhaust fan is to improve the 4-, 6-, or 8-blade fans of traditional closed cooling towers. This technology uses multi-layer multi-layer blades on each closed cooling tower. The common equipment is 21 The ultra-quiet blade fan ensures the effect of reducing noise when the air volume is achieved.rijCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Using the above-mentioned methods can greatly reduce the noise of the cooling tower, and choosing a reasonable noise reduction treatment method can reasonably and effectively deal with the noise caused by the cooling tower machinery and equipment, so that it will not harm the residents' routine daily life. Welcome to inquire about cooling tower related business.

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