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What is the cause of the white smoke from the cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-11-26
What is the cause of the white smoke from the cooling tower

  We often see white smoke from cooling towers. In fact, this is not white smoke, but hot air. The cooling tower transfers the waste heat in the industrial production process to the atmosphere through heat and mass exchange with the air. Because the industrial circulating cooling water in the wet cooling tower is in direct contact with the air, part of the hot water will be volatilized and the residual heat will be removed. , The temperature of the air environment rises, and the humidity also increases, which can exceed 90% to 100%omNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The air passing through the cooling tower causes a similar phenomenon of white smoke at the outlet of the tower? This is mainly directly affected by the air performance. The air is composed of dry air and water vapor. The constant components of dry air are nitrogen, oxygen, and rare gases. These parts will basically not change. It is the result of compensation for various changes in nature. The amount of water vapor in the air varies greatly, and the air and its performance will also change due to the difference in water vapor composition. The composition of water vapor in the air has a limit range. When the composition exceeds the limit, the air can no longer hold more At this time, the air is saturated air.omNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The maximum value of the water vapor component in the air rises with the rise in temperature. The degree of water vapor in the air is realized by relative humidity, which is the water vapor contained in the air under certain temperature conditions. The ratio of the amount to the amount of water vapor in saturated air at these ambient temperatures. The relative humidity of saturated air is 100%. When the temperature of the saturated air environment decreases, because the amount of water vapor that can be contained in the air becomes smaller, part of the water vapor becomes liquid. Liquid water appears as very fine particles, which looks like "white smoke" from the cooling tower. The fog in nature is also produced in this way.omNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  The hot and humid air at the outlet of the cooling tower is saturated or close to saturation. After exiting the cooling tower, it will blend with the surrounding low-temperature air. The water vapor in the hot and humid air will turn into liquid, so white smoke will be produced.omNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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