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How to choose a cooling tower condenser pressure gauge?

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-11-27
How to choose a cooling tower condenser pressure gauge?

  In the small condenser in the cooling tower, have you ever paid attention to its pressure gauge? The pressure gauge is an accessory that everyone can't underestimate. You should be very cautious in choosing it.0aNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  If the condenser is installed near the wall, a pressure gauge on the edge should be selected. When installing directly on the pipeline, a pressure gauge without edges should be selected. When directly measuring gas, you should choose a pressure gauge with a safe and reliable hole behind the case. For easy viewing, the size of the case diameter should be selected.0aNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  If it is classified according to the purpose of the pressure gauge used in the condenser, it can be divided into: pressure gauge, oxygen pressure gauge, electric contact pressure gauge, remote transmission pressure gauge, etc.0aNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  If the condenser is used for acid-base and other special media or when measuring viscosity, diaphragm pressure gauge, stainless steel spring tube, stainless steel movement, etc. should be used. According to the various media tested, there should be requirements on the pressure gauge At the same time, the medium name should be indicated, and the oxygen meter must be marked with a red oil prohibition mark.0aNCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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