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Closed Cooling Tower

Closed Cooling Tower Manufacturers

Author:Trlon Views: Time:2020-07-28
Closed Cooling Tower Manufacturers

Product advantages and technical features

In the open cooling tower circulation system, because the circulating liquid medium is in the air for a long time, pollutants in the air such as dust, debris, bacteria, and soluble solids can enter the cooling water system at any time, causing a large number of microorganisms to multiply, which is very easy for the human body and Harm to the environment, as well as causing pipe fouling and affecting heat transfer.AW0Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The closed cooling tower adopts an indirect contact cooling method. The circulating liquid medium flows in the coil, which prevents the cooling water from being polluted by the external environment. The heat of the cooling water in the pipe is transferred by the circulating water flow in the tower to evaporate the latent heat, and the evaporated water vapor is transferred from the air. The stream is brought out of the tower. Closed cooling towers are suitable for various cooling systems that require high circulating water quality, and are widely used in many industrial fields such as chemical, steel, food, automobile manufacturing, and central air conditioning.

Working principle of closed cooling tower

The circulating liquid medium that needs to be cooled flows in the coil, the circulating water in the sump is delivered to the water collection pipe by the spray pump, and sprayed to the heat exchange coil through the water distribution nozzle. The contact heat transfer and part of the spray water evaporate and dissipate heat to absorb The heat in the water in the coil is transferred to the air. The hot and humid air is discharged from the tower by the fan, and the rest of the spray water flows into the sump in the lower part of the tower, and then is delivered to the spray system by the spray water pump.

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