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Daily maintenance and maintenance of closed cooling towers

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-03-03
Daily maintenance and maintenance of closed cooling towers

  The closed cooling tower is a shell-and-tube heat exchanger placed in the tower, with the help of the heat exchange of circulating gas, spray water and circulating water to ensure the cooling effect. The following Kangming closed cooling tower briefly introduces the precautions for maintenance of the closed cooling tower for you.x1FCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  1. Closed cooling tower coupling protection and maintenance

  The quality of the coupling will directly reflect the stability of the fan's operation. There are three types of couplings: elastic ring pin coupling, elastic pin coupling, and diaphragm coupling. These three types of couplings have the function of transmitting torque and cushioning and damping. The rubber elastic ring of the pin coupling, the rubber joint of the elastic pin coupling, and the elastic diaphragm of the diaphragm coupling are all elastic elements, which can bring about the effect of supplementing the relative displacement of the axis. However, due to the long-term impact, vibration damage and corrosion and aging, the elastic element will not work, so regular inspections should be carried out regularly. If you see that the rubber parts are worn out or damaged, they must be changed in time. In addition, during installation or maintenance, if you want to reduce the reaction of coupling misalignment, the coaxiality deviation of the two coupling halves should not exceed 0.1mm.x1FCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  2. Routine inspection and modification of fan blades and air ducts

  These two types are usually made of FRP materials, which can bring ventilation and drainage effects. The fan blades are clamped by the clamping block in the hub. After long-term operation, the fan blades are likely to rotate tightly to the center, and then react to balance and cause vibration. Therefore, regular maintenance and change of the fan blade angle are required.x1FCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Because the hair dryer is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the strength is relatively poor and it is very prone to deformation. Therefore, in addition to ribs and ribs, the air duct of a large fan is mainly used to control and change the roundness of the air duct. After a long-term operation of a closed cooling tower, the air cylinder bolts and tie bolts are likely to loosen, causing damage and breakage of the tie bars, which will lead to the deformation of the air cylinder. If the deformation is more serious, the fan blades and the air cylinder will be damaged more seriously. Even the fan blades are broken, so it is necessary to regularly maintain and change the roundness deviation of the fan tube and the gap between the fan blade and the fan tube. The ties of the air duct should be maintained regularly, and changes should be made when the rust damage exceeds 1/3 of the diameter or wall thickness.x1FCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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