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Solution for high temperature of closed cooling tower

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2021-05-21
Solution for high temperature of closed cooling tower

  Closed cooling tower, also known as evaporative air cooler, is the heat exchange air pipe placed in the tower, using dry and wet refrigeration method to ensure cooling efficiency. Because the circulating media is a closed cycle, it can ensure that the circulating media will not be polluted by the environment, effectively guarantee the efficient operation of the main equipment, and improve the service life of the host machine and equipment. Therefore closed cooling tower in the aerospace, electronics, instrumentation, textile, refrigerating units, constant temperature and humidity, casting, forging, quenching liquid, melting furnace, mold, casting machine, rolling mill, heat treatment furnace, electric arc furnace, central air conditioning, heat pump, air compressor, hydraulic oil, injection molding machine refrigeration and other fields obtained the widespread application.SZ5Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Although closed cooling towers have many advantages, the cost of such machinery and equipment is correspondingly high. This leads to some closed cooling tower manufacturers, in order to reduce the manufacturing cost, can not take into account the sufficient development margin when the model selection is made, resulting in closed cooling tower machinery and equipment can not face the harsh weather, and finally, the actual outlet temperature of cooling water is much less than the processing technology standard.SZ5Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  If the closed cooling tower you buy is not efficient enough, Guangdong Teling Air Conditioning Group suggests the following methods for continuous improvement.SZ5Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  1. Continue to improve the natural ventilation environment, ensure the smooth natural ventilation around the closed cooling tower, avoid the hot air circulation again, and ensure the uniform exhaust air volume.SZ5Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  2. Within the rated current range of the fan, adjust the leaf direction of the fan to continuously improve the problem of insufficient exhaust air volume. If the motor power is expanded, the revolution of the fan is improved.SZ5Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  3. Keep the air inlet of the closed cooling tower clean, and there can be no obstruction of the air inlet network.SZ5Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  4. Clean up the blockage of the cooling duct, clean up the cooling duct on time, avoid the scaling of the heat exchange duct, and improve the heat exchange effect of the duct.SZ5Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  5, adjust the circulation of water, can not exceed the set indicators.SZ5Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  6. If dirt and algae are found in the water plate, it should be removed as soon as possible to avoid scaling in the hot air pipe.SZ5Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Or to return to the problem we often say, you get what you pay for, cheap not good goods. Selecting regular reliable manufacturers must not be wrong. Trlon air conditioning is a central air conditioning cooling tower equipment services manufacturers, the company focused on energy-saving renovation of development, cooling tower, the main business of the central air conditioning equipment, cooling tower and cooling tower noise control engineering of all brands, specific manufacturing flow, cross flow, flow with closed cooling tower and steel cooling towers, evaporative condenser, etc., To provide customers with model selection, production and manufacturing, system construction, machinery and equipment maintenance and other integrated services.SZ5Cooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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