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Closed Cooling Tower

China Trlon closed cooling tower

Author:Trlon Views: Time:2020-07-28
China Trlon closed cooling tower

  Working principle of cooling tower:

  The heat carrier medium (process water) flows through the heat exchange coil tube, and the heat is transmitted to the wall of the coil tube; Tower fan convulsions movement, the circulating spray water and introducing the air fan in good contact with the tower, sensible heat and latent heat exchange, lower the spray water temperature, low temperature spray water outside the coil pipe wall to form water membrane, absorbing heat coil pipe wall, and take away the heat transfer medium (process water heating, achieve the goal of cooling medium. The pre-cooled radiator fins in the tower contribute to the cooling of the external circulating spray water and the uniformity of water distribution.zpyCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  In the heat exchange process, the heat carrier medium in the coil tube because there is no direct contact with the air and maintain its original quality characteristics (if the medium is water, water will not be polluted, concentrated, hygroscopic and volatile), the spray water outside the coil, in addition to a small amount of evaporation loss, gathered in the tank at the bottom of the tower, recycling.zpyCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  In the refrigeration and central air conditioning system, the use of closed cooling tower ensures the stable and efficient heat transfer of the condensing system, prolongs the service life of the equipment and reduces the consumption of fresh water resources.zpyCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Product features:

  Strengthening heat transfer

  Adopt pre-cooled radiator fin and heat exchange coil to synergize heat discharge structure, strengthen gas side heat transfer, good cooling efficiency and small volume.zpyCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Low operating cost and low power consumption

  The cooling tower adopts energy-saving axial flow arc Angle aluminum alloy fan specially designed for the cooling tower of our company. The water pump adopts well-known brands with large flow and low head, which saves energy and electricity and has low operation cost.zpyCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Low failure rate

  The fan and water pump are made of high quality bearings, in addition, there are no other wear and tear operating parts. The fan adopts the direct connection structure, no pulley structure caused by the transmission loss and frequent belt replacement costs, low noise, low failure rate.zpyCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Easy to clean and zero splash water loss design catchment tank

  Large space design of packing end face and air inlet, with splash-proof packing, splash-water loss is zero. At the same time, the open louver design facilitates the chassis, water replenishment and overflow device cleaning.zpyCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Convenient transportation and installation

  SE2 series products are designed with modular components to reduce site installation time and greatly facilitate product transportation and installation.zpyCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

  Safe and humanized design

  Adopt the humanized structure design, the oversize overhaul door, the overhaul personnel can carry out all kinds of overhaul easily in the product interior.zpyCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer

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