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Cooling Tower Reducer

Cooling Tower Reducer Price

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Cooling Tower Reducer Price
The skimmer is made of modified PVC material and formed by machine. We keep over 100000 spare parts in our warehouse which are specially designed for TRLON cooling tower. Those parts can also be used for the replacement for other cooling towers. TRLON offers the best price and fast delivery. Please contact our 24 hours service hotline or our local agent.yXeCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The reducer is equipped with Japanese NTN high-precision bearings, and the upper and lower ends are equipped with safety oil seals, which have good waterproof performance and avoid water vapor erosion of the bearings. The design of disc-shaped steel seat support and web-type pulleys, compact structure, equipped with static balance check, stable operation, low noise.yXeCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Features: The reducer has a special anti-rust coating on the outside.yXeCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Bearing: Japanese NTN, NSK well-known stainless steel bearings;yXeCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Features: stable performance, wear resistance and long service life.

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