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Cooling tower noise solutions and treatment methods

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-10-21
Cooling tower noise solutions and treatment methods
First of all, the biggest source of vibration is the axial flow fan placed at the top due to its own quality defects and poor working environment, which causes the fan to run over load. In addition, the cooling tower fan is generally placed on the top of the tower, due to insufficient structural rigidity at the lower support point. , Thereby amplifying the vibration of the fan more. In addition, the water flow in and out of the water pipe is also prone to vibration.7aUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
For the protection and effective control of cooling tower vibration: spring shock absorbers are assembled under each supporting point foot or trough iron base at the bottom of the cooling tower. Cooling towers play a vital role in industrial production and solve the difficulty of waste heat. In the daily selection stage of the cooling tower, it can prevent the volatilization of impurities from entering the cooling pipeline equipment and the cooling medium. Choose soft water as the cooling medium, no fouling, no blockage of pipes, and fewer common faults. Air cooling and spray water evaporation and heat absorption dual cooling methods are selected, the cooling medium is fully enclosed cyclically, and the cooling efficiency is high.7aUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Small cooling tower The equipment is small in size, small in use space, convenient to move and place, and no need to build a pool. The automatic intelligent control is selected, and the cooling mode can be automatically changed according to the requirements of the working conditions. The actual operation is simple and reliable. It has a wide range of main uses. It can directly cool quenching liquid, oils, alcohols and other non-corrosive media that have no corrosive effect on the heat exchanger. The media has no loss and stable composition. The glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower solves the difficulty of waste heat in the industrial production stage and ensures efficient and safe production.

The four major noise sources of cooling towers:

1. Windmill noise: its noise is mainly composed of mechanical noise and fluid noise;7aUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
2. Motor noise: the electromagnetic sound when the specific motor is running;7aUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
3. Water drop noise: During the operation phase of the cooling tower, the sprinkler pipe sprays onto the filler and drops into the bottom basin;7aUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
4. Natural ventilation noise: It includes the noise of gas and fluid inside and outside the tower and the co-seismic noise of the tower.7aUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The specific methods to solve the noise of the cooling tower include: blocking the noise, increasing the noise-absorbing cotton, changing the low-speed fan, etc., if the cooling tower is designed outdoor, then the specific method is the above method for sound insulation and noise reduction, if the cooling tower is designed indoors , It can be soundproof for interior design. For those formulated indoors, noise-reducing architectural coatings can be selected.7aUCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
In the stage of formulating sound insulation and noise reduction of cooling towers, the natural ventilation heat rejection phenomenon of cooling towers should be considered. The sound insulation screens and sound-absorbing cottons formulated should not affect the natural ventilation of cooling towers. The specific transmission path of the water splashing sound of the cooling tower is also spread according to the fan of the fan. The cross-flow cooling tower has only one side of the air inlet, and the counter-flow cooling tower is surrounded by an air inlet grille. The inlet air from the tuyere generates heat convection, which will reduce the spread of noise.

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