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Solutions for noise reduction and shock absorption of circular cooling towers

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-11-03
Solutions for noise reduction and shock absorption of circular cooling towers
Rooftop cooling towers not only have gas noise pollution, but also have structural vibration noise pollution of building facilities. Structural vibration noise is transmitted to rooms in sensitive areas of high-rise buildings in the same or adjacent buildings, causing the noise value of rooms in sensitive areas of high-rise buildings to exceed the standard. The phenomenon of structural vibration and noise pollution is formed. Even when the windows and doors are closed, the structural noise is still clear and identifiable. The measured noise value in the room exceeds the national standard of room noise ≤ 35 decibels. The noise value by the window may be qualified. This is also a classic building facility. Structural vibration noise should belong to the category of solid-borne sound, which is different from gas-borne sound. Its noise frequency band is low and the noise control difficulty coefficient is relatively large.

Solutions for noise reduction and shock absorption of circular cooling towers:

For qualified users, when installing and using cooling tower machinery and equipment, basic safety protection should be done. The cement column should be as strong as possible and the structure should be firm. This will help control the solid sound transmission of the structure. On this basis, be sure to install and use professional cooling tower machinery and equipment shock absorption equipment. Steel spring or gas spring shock absorbers have the best effect. Professional shock absorption equipment and solid foundations can be larger Prevent the transmission of solid noise from cooling tower machinery and equipment. If the cooling tower machinery and equipment have been installed and used, it is necessary to carry out professional shock absorption and sound insulation renovation and transformation of the cooling tower machinery and equipment. The steel spring is the preferred choice for the shock absorber. The steel spring shock absorber has the advantages of high damping rate, long service life, and convenient maintenance. The natural frequency θ, interference frequency δ, load m, type variable γ, damping ratio η, etc. are related The technical parameters should be clarified, and testing and targeted design should be carried out based on the vibration and noise of the cooling tower at the construction site to maximize the damping rate of the steel spring.

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