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What does noise control control include?

Author:Trlon  Views:  Time:2020-11-02
What does noise control control include?
Noise control is to explore the management of engineering projects that reduce noise significantly to allowable noise standards. Noise control is also called "noise control". Noise is our unnecessary noise. The presence of noise that exceeds the corresponding specifications will interfere with people's rest and greatly reduce the efficiency of work. What are the main contents of noise control: The editor of Kangming energy-saving air conditioners will share with you.

What are the main contents of noise control:

1. Suppress noise sources.

To greatly reduce the noise at the sound source, industrial production and transportation can use low-noise production and processing equipment and improve the production process, or adjust the movement of the noise source (such as damping, vibration reduction, etc.) to greatly reduce the solid sound Body vibration).

2. Block the spread of noise.

In the sound transmission path, the noise is greatly reduced, the noise is suppressed, the noise transmission path that has been transmitted from the sound source is adjusted, such as the use of sound absorption, sound insulation, noise reduction, sound barrier, vibration reduction, etc., and scientific and reasonable planning of the city Reasonable layout of buildings, etc.

3. The noise becomes weaker in the auditory area.

For noise protection of the receiver or organ, when it is impossible to take certain effective measures at the sound source and transmission path, or the acoustic method used still cannot achieve the expected effect, it is necessary to treat the receiver or organ Take protective measures, such as long-term occupational noise exposure workers can wear earplugs, earmuffs or helmets and other ear protectors.LhOCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The above content is about the main content of noise control. Although noise control is technically stable now, because of the large scale of industrialization and transportation, there are many companies and venues that need to adopt noise control. To avoid the noise problem, it is necessary to comprehensively weigh the pros and cons from the aspects of technology, economy and effect.

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