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Square Cooling Tower

Square Countercurrent Cooling Tower

Author:Trlon Views: Time:2020-09-11
Square Countercurrent Cooling Tower
Brand:TRLONgMJCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Product origin :CHINAgMJCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Delivery time :50 daysgMJCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Supply capacity :1 Million tons of water

Product Introduction

TRLON Air has comprehensively processed the test data through many years of thermal tests on cooling towers, using the advanced technology of foreign cooling tower companies, and referring to the cooling tower GB7190.1-2008, and calculated the volume and mass of the spray filler based on computer calculations. Coefficient, select the best air-to-water ratio, the best spray density, cross-section air load and filler height to determine the filler volume. On this basis, using fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, material mechanics, architecture and other disciplines, comprehensively design the structure and shape of the tower; then calculate the ventilation resistance according to the test, and select the fan that meets the requirements by referring to the fan characteristic curve. And the motor, so that the cooling efficiency, energy consumption and noise of the entire cooling tower achieve an optimized system design effect.gMJCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
The method of ultra-quiet square countercurrent cooling tower is to change the original fan diameter, expand the air outlet, increase the fan, reduce the fan speed, increase the air volume, and achieve noise reduction.

Design Parameters

Industrial tower (medium temperature drop): air wet bulb temperature T=28℃, water temperature entering the tower t1=42℃, water temperature exiting the tower t2=32℃;gMJCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
Standard tower (low temperature drop): air wet bulb temperature T=28°C, inlet water temperature t1=37°C, outlet water temperature t2=32°C.gMJCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
For other temperature requirements, please contact the sales staff to re-select.

Structure and selection

1、Using hot-dip galvanized structural parts, high-quality FRP base basin, air duct, can adapt to the relatively poor operating environment, is an ideal anti-environmental change of cooling tower materials, the 304 # stainless steel nut bolt connector fully guarantees the comprehensive service life of the equipment (the entire tower service life is 20 years) . Cooling Tower Ladders, hot dip galvanized tower walkways to ensure the safety of maintenance staff inside and outside the tower.
2、The transmission part adopts the high-quality Cooling Tower special belt reducer, the reducer bearing is Japan Nsk high-precision bearing, the transmission belt is Japan Mitsuboshi high-quality waterproof, anti-skid v-belt, the sheave wheel and the belt through the static and dynamic balance test, meet the requirements for stable operation.gMJCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
3、The airfoil type low speed cooling tower low noise special fan adopts the aluminum alloy material with excellent anticorrosion performance, double layer structure, excellent performance, can withstand higher static pressure, high efficiency and energy saving, stable work, high reliability, long maintenance cycle, long trouble-free operation time, service life up to more than 15 years, designed for low speed operation, running noise is very low, after the factory dynamic and static balance test qualified.
4、 The outdoor full-enclosed three-phase asynchronous motor specially designed for cooling tower with excellent performance is specially designed according to the special requirements under the cooling tower environment proposed by Yuanheng Company, which is convenient for replacement, disassembly and maintenance, and has long trouble-free operation time, with high efficiency, high protection level (IP55) , high insulation level (F level) and other characteristics, can be in the cooling tower in the hot and humid environment long-term continuous low-energy operation (normal service life is not less than 15 years) .
5、Selection of high-performance film filler. The filler has good heat exchange characteristics and low ventilation resistance loss, and has better comprehensive performance and performance-price ratio in circulating water with suspended matter less than 70 MG/L, so as to ensure cooling demand and energy saving effect. Genkō cooling tower packing PVC sheet raw materials, with a very strong cold resistance, excellent hydrophilicity, thermal performance and corrosion resistance. The filler sheet is a kind of fire-resistant material, the oxygen index is 34.2, which reaches the national standard of Grade B 1 and is superior to that of Grade B 2. It does not deform in water temperature of 65 °C for 72 hours.
6、The total inlet pipe of single cooling tower in TRLON water distribution system is one, and the inner distribution pipe network is ring-shaped. The project uses low-pressure trough pipe water distribution, has a greater adaptability to the hydraulic load, nozzle and water distribution pipe connection set anti-loosening measures to meet the needs of long-term safe operation of the system, the application of this technology can get better effect than other water distribution methods.

The TN series counter flow cooling tower has high heat dissipation efficiency and features;

1、High efficiency,thermal performance 100% or highergMJCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
2、Low power consumption.performance-per-watt as low as 0.03KWH/m³gMJCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
3、Low drift,drift loss as low as 0.001%gMJCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
4、Low noisegMJCooling tower noise reduction treatment manufacturer
TN entire line has innovative design in all-round prescise selection,water distribution system,intake grille and drift eliminator of 0.001% drift loss and water collection basin.

Scope of application

The waste heat generated during industrial production or refrigeration processes is generally conducted away with cooling water. The role of the cooling tower produced by the square countercurrent cooling equipment manufacturer is to exchange the cooling water with the waste heat in the tower and the air, so that the waste heat is transmitted to the air and dispersed into the atmosphere. The cooling tower produced by the square countercurrent cooling equipment manufacturer is not only suitable for Cooling in a conventional environment, it is also suitable for companies that are corrosive, heat sensitive, easy to foam, solid particles and viscous materials, such as beer industry, paper industry, steel mills, chemical industry, rubber processing, food industry, pharmaceuticals Factory etc.

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